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Borrowing Privileges

1. How can I borrow the books?
For full-time teachers, you can borrow by university IC card. For part-time teachers, please bring the university contract, I. D. card, one photo and cash deposit NT$3,000 to the service counter for applying Library Card. The Library Card would be invalid after you are not employed. The deposit will be paid back without interest when you return the Library Card.

2. How many books can I borrow? And how long can I have them?

Identity The borrowing quantity The borrowing period Renewal
Full time Teacher 35 books and 35 electronic resources 4 weeks 2 times
Part time Teacher 15 books and 15 electronic resources 2 weeks 2 times

3. May I borrow again or have a reservation?
Teachers can renew 2 times if the books are not reserved for others. The electronic resources (CD, LD, VCD, DVD, CD-ROM, disk, etc.) can’t be renewed. You can go to “My Account” to have a reservation by yourself and the resources will be reserved for 5 days otherwise would be canceled.

4. Are there any penalties if I forget to return the books?
Teachers can have a extension to 7 days from the return due date. After 7 days, you have to pay.

Overdue fines are charged at NT$5 per item per day, and the fines are limited under(include )NT$500 per item. Your borrowing privileges will be suspended until payment is made.

5. Should I do anything if I’m leaving the job?
Please return all the books you borrowed, or you can’t finish the leaving procedure.


Service for Current Content Service

Teachers can choose 5 periodicals from TNUA Library’s collections . Complete the application to the Technique Department (ext. 1813) , then you will have this current content service. You can choose received by official document delivery, fax, or email.

Application for Current Content Service


Deposit Faculty Promotion Works in Library

According TNUA’s faculty promotion rule, the works have passed the examination should deposit one to two copies in library for preservation and displaying.

Download:Faculty Promotion Works Deposit Form


601 Faculty Works Room

Hours:Mon.-Fri. 8:30-16:30(Sat., Sun., holidays are closed)
1. Please send 1-2 copies of your works to the Library for the academic purpose.
2. The works are just for displaying, can’t be borrowed.
3. Patrons who hold I.D. card may apply reading works in library when there is no copy in open
    stack area.
4. Each appointment is limited to 2 hours.
5. Overdue is NT$5 per item per hour.

Form of Faculty’s Works Transfer


603 Discussion Room

Hours:Mon.-Fri. 8:30-16:30(Sat., Sun., holidays are closed)
Exception to Summer/Winter Vacation

All the TNUA teachers may apply.

Apply Form for 603


604 Music Appreciation Room

Hours:Mon.-Fri. 8:30-16:30(Sat, Sun., holidays are closed)
Exception to Summer/Winter Vacation

TNUA teachers or academics/administration unit may apply.

Apply Form for 604

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